Why US?

We encourage you to do things that you might not thought possible on your next vacation. Perhaps captaining a boat, fishing a river, mountain bike the famous Moab Slick Rock, rappel a Navajo Sandstone rock face, or soak in a hot-springs. Lets us know, we can make it happen for you. How about teaching your kids to camp in the Grand Canyon? Ever fly the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, climb a sand dune, drive a jeep or dune-buggy across the Mojave Desert, shoot a gun?

Active Travel West USA offers you, your family and friends the opportunity to maximize your American Western USA experience. Our expertise lies in all things active, specifically activities spectacular to the American West. From sightseeing and hiking iconic National Parks, to boating our famous lakes. For the more adventurous, we offer off-road adventures, fishing, kayaking, winter snowshoeing tours, horseback riding in Monument Valley, and river rafting in National Recreational Areas such as Colorado River Basin.   

Active Travel West USA is happy to help you experience and enjoy all possibilities offered in the Great American West USA. For your added pleasure, our international guide team speaks your language. Let us know, we will help you plan and create the most inspiring, fun and rewarding American vacation that you can dream of.