Top activities to do in Las Vegas during the COVID-19 times.

During normal times, Las Vegas offers something for everyone. Now with shows closed, pool parties with limited admittance and night clubs shut, besides gambling and dining what activities are available to visitors? To answer your question, many. Las Vegas hotel rooms are being offered at a big discount. So, why not use the hotel room deals and make Las Vegas your base-camp for outdoor activities?


Las Vegas is located perfectly to visit some of natures wonders. From Las Vegas you can easily reach North, South and West Rims of the Grand Canyon for a day trip. Have you ever seen Hoover Dam? Its only a half hour drive from Las Vegas. After touring Hoover Dam, I recommend you drive another 15 minutes to Willow Beach, Arizona. There you can really cool off and go for a swim in the Colorado River. Another option is to either rent kayaks or boats at Willow Beach Harbor.  From Willow Beach Marina to the base of the Hoover Dam is only 12 miles. A tour you will never forget. If you prefer a guided Colorado River Tour then book with Black Canyon River Tours.  


On the west side of Las Vegas, you have two excellent choices for day hikes. One is the famous Red Rock Canyon and the second is Mount Charleston. My favorite hiking trail in Red Rock Canyon is Calico Tanks Trail. Mount Charleston is 30 minutes further than Red Rock Canyon, but you are up high in elevation with the added benefits of Pine Trees and cooler air. Try out Mary Jane Falls hike or even better is the Big Falls Canyon.


Other great day tours close to Las Vegas that I strongly recommend are Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Death Valley and Antelope Canyon at Lake Powell.If you like to golf, we offer the only guided golf tour in Las Vegas. Golf some of the best golf courses in the world with a local, passionate golf pro. If you would like to relax and have an excellent Tour Guide and Driver, I recommend Out West Adventure Tours. Tell Erwin, Darren sent you, might get a deal. Smile and enjoy all Las Vegas has to offer. Be active and do a tour.

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